Alexander Cherkasov: ‘Сlaims against us have no ground: it is just the Government’s arbitrary will’


On November 18, 2021 a press conference "Lawsuits to liquidate Memorials: absurd, illegal, and dangerous for civil society" was held in Moscow

Belarusian citizen Yana Pinchuk, threatened with extradition to her home country, is a political prisoner


Yana Pinchuk is accused in Belarus of inciting hatred against police officers and extremism for running an opposition Telegram channel

Six Muslims are political prisoners: evidence against them may have been falsified and their right to a fair trial was violated


Their prosecution may have been part of a government propaganda campaign against ‘Islamic extremism’

Navalny supporter assaulted at a St. Petersburg protest is a political prisoner


Eldar Garipov allegedly scratched the leg of a riot policeman, at the same time smashing his own head against a rubber baton

Ufa opposition activist Liliya Chanysheva is a political prisoner


Along with Navalny and his associates, Chanysheva is charged with creating an ‘extremist group.’ We believe their prosecution is intended to completely destroy the extra-parliamentary opposition in Russia 

The prosecution of Nizhny Novgorod opposition activists Natalia Rezontova and Roman Tregubov is unlawful and politically motivated


The activists are being prosecuted for violating ‘sanitation’ rules in their local area after they called for people to join a demonstration in support of Aleksei Navalny on 23 January

Nine individuals wrongly convicted for involvement in the St. Petersburg metro attack are political prisoners


We demand that the nine individuals be immediately release, all charges against them dropped and their right to rehabilitation be recognized

The prosecution of Chelyabinsk anarchists Dmitry Tsibukovsky and Anastasia Safonova is unlawful and politically motivated


The activists were initially sentenced to terms of imprisonment in the case of a banner with the words ‘The FSB is the main terrorist.’ The conviction was quashed on appeal but the charges have still not been dropped

Smolensk activist Sergei Komandirov is a political prisoner


Sergei Komandirov has been charged with justification of terrorism for reposting a video on VK of a dramatization of a trial of Putin and his associates

Kemerovo bloggers and activists Maksim Lavrentiev and Sergei Kamensky are political prisoners


We believe the activists are being prosecuted for their strong criticism of the authorities