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15.05.2018 | 20:07

«Nine years ago, we could not save my mother. But we can save Oyub»

7.03.2018 | 14:00

Over the last four months, since the publication of the previous lists on October 29, 2017, the total number of political prisoners has grown by 26 people (from 117 people).

7.03.2018 | 13:34

It is evident that the case of Hizb ut-Tahrir is one of the so-called “off the shelf” cases that enable the FSB to achieve “high results” (dozens of convictions) with minimal effort. 

7.03.2018 | 13:25

The defendants did not engage in terrorism, nor did they commit any actions of danger to the public.

9.01.2018 | 19:42

In the morning of January 9, 2018 members of Human Rights Center Memorial’s office in Grozny (Chechen Republic) came to the office, except the head of it, Oyub Titiev.



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