Trial on Oyub Titiev: day 9


During the trial on August 28, 2018, four witnesses of the prosecution were questioned , officers of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kurchaloevsky District of the Chechen Republic.

None of the witnesses participated in the arrest of Oyub Titiev or in bringing him to the police station. Witness Sayhan Bagaev said that he knew Oyub Titiev, they greeted each other. He had no comments for Oyub. He used to see Oyub go to the gym and never saw him smoking. The other witnesses said that they did not now Oyub Titiev.

According to witnesses, there are no camouflaged cars with the letters "RRU” at the police station. The witnesses have not seen such cars. On duty they wear a blue camouflage uniform. They did not see anyone in green camouflage or black uniforms on duty. They do not wear uniforms with "RRU" patches and they have not seen anyone in  this uniform in their units and do not know what this abbreviation means.

Witness Musip Madarov, a mobile platoon inspector in the Kurchaloy police department, said that he only wears a blue camouflage uniform. Commenting on the photos he posted online, where he is dressed in green camouflage uniforms with "RRU" patches, he explained that he has such a uniform, but he only wears it at home, and that he entered the territory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kurchaloivsky district only when he was off-duty. He also wears a gun at home, although he leaves a machine gun at work. However, the photographs show quite the opposite, said the lawyer, and the witness admitted that he could have been dressed in the green uniform on his own volition. Attorney Zaikin reminds him that on his (social media) page there is a photo where they are practically all dressed up. The witness replied that they were all dressed like that once, on their own volition, but that it was not their working form. He does not remember when it was, but the uniform was summer uniform. The witness then stated that they had put on green uniforms by order of the authorities, but he still insisted that it was only once. According to him, other divisions also participated in that event, but which he could not say.

Witness Badrudi Kagirhadzhiev, who was on duty at the entrance to the Kurchaloy police, said that vehicles enter the department with badges. If there is no badge, they can enter after checking with the duty officer. The number of the cars that entered the department are recorded in the logbook. The witness does not remember whether he wrote down Oyub's car in the logbook. He said, "if the senior officer said not to write it down, I would not write anything down." If a car with a stranger driving tries to enter, the car is inspected, even if there is a police officer in the car. When asked by Oyub Titiyev how it turned out that his car was not stopped and not inspected, the witness replied that he did not remember.

Recess until 6 September at 10:00 am.