Oyub Titiyev's Trial: Day 30


The defense started presenting the written evidence.

The court finished the review of the materials submitted by the prosecution. The floor was passed to the defense. First, they presented the answer of Ruslan Aguyev, the head the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Kurchaloevsky district. Mr. Aguev was asked whether there were camouflage-colored UAZ Patriot vehicles at the MIA. His answer made clear that there are such cars at the MIA.

Meanwhile, when asked whether officers have camouflage uniforms with «RRU» (Rapid Reaction Unit) printed on them and camouflage cars, all police officers questioned during the trial responded that they absolutely did not wear such uniforms or drive such cars. The officers likely answered this way in order to discredit the Titiyev’s version of the story of his arrest for drug possession. But Aguyev’s answer shows that the police questioned in court were not telling the truth.

The second key moment in court was when the defense petitioned to question the owners of the areas (outlets, pharmacies, etc.) on which the security cameras passed by Titiyev on 9 January 2018. Previously, the owners said that all cameras were broken. The defense called them to court to clarify the reasons why there were no recordings from that day. In the defense’s opinion, it is highly likely that these individuals were forced to falsely claim that the video cameras were not working that day.

More information is available in our detailed report of the 30th day of the trial (in Russian).

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Программа: Поддержка политзэков

Титиев Оюб Салманович родился 24 августа 1957 года, живёт в селе Курчалой Чеченской Республики, правозащитник, руководитель грозненского представительства Правозащитного центра (ПЦ) «Мемориал».